Compliance Benefits

  • Reduce costs by having our Compliance Department coordinate and implement your onboarding needs prior to hire.
  • Meet the requirements or your industry and organization by having a direct line to our in-house Compliance Department.
  • Augment your onboarding process by having a consultation with our Compliance Experts.
  • Customize your hiring process by taking advantage of drug screenings, employment and education verification, and more.

Since 1989, Mary Kraft has been serving employers and business owners in the Greater Baltimore Area and beyond, we have been increasingly involved in Government Contracting and Healthcare, where compliance needs are just as paramount to the hiring process as basic skills and other performance indicators. While these needs have remained unchanged in those industries, we understand that several organizations across a wide-range of fields are requiring similar compliance needs within their facilities.

At Mary Kraft, every applicant considered for employment goes through a standard screening procedure that includes reference checks, I-9 verification, education verification, and more to ensure that those who are presented for employment are best suited for your workforce. In addition, we connect your organization with our in-house Compliance Department to construct a Compliance process that not only matches your own but supplements any additional services you may require. Providing a synergistic and consultative approach to Compliance means that any Associate provided by Mary Kraft has gone through the same Compliance process as your internal staff.

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