Skills Assessment Benefits

  • Minimize the impact of costly hiring mistakes by evaluating every candidate before hiring
  • Reduce the administrative burden of candidate screening and processing with a fully outsourced approach
  • Ensure candidate success through a complete, single-source skills assessment program
  • Implement consistent, unbiased screening with more than 300 evaluations tailored to match job descriptions by specific position

Onboarding new employees who overstate their skills and qualifications can drastically impact the bottom line. Committing to candidates without measurable data on their ability, background or performance in the workplace can be a risky and costly investment. Effective skills assessments provide an accurate gauge of ability and qualification before committing to hire—an invaluable staffing strategy that helps eliminate poor hiring decisions.

Skills Assessment Solutions by Mary Kraft helps organizations make the right hiring decisions every time. Whether you’re screening one candidate or one-hundred, we customize each solution to meet your unique requirements, ensuring that you always find the best match for your organization. Using the nationally recognized and validated Kenexa Prove It! skills assessment software, Mary Kraft provides more than 300 different skills evaluations for a wide range of office administrative, word processing and software applications. From personal, one-on-one screening and interviews by our HR specialists to independent access to online tests, our program is designed to ensure candidate and organizational success.

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