Complimentary Background Checks

Stringent background checks protect your most vulnerable information

In businesses, healthcare facilities and other organizations, employees have access to a wide range of confidential information. Easy access to computer databases containing the personal information of millions of people makes today’s work environments particularly vulnerable to theft and fraud. Ensuring the security of this information requires a stringent employee background check process.

Background Checks by Mary Kraft—alleviate staffing concerns through a rigorous screening process

Designed to protect our clients and their employees and customers, Mary Kraft’s complimentary, comprehensive background check program begins with a detailed pre-screening interview, followed by an in-depth screening process that includes both reference and criminal background checks. Additional services can be added to our standard screening process at a nominal cost, including drug screening, credit history, and driving record and educational background checks. Mary Kraft is one of the few staffing organizations in the industry that routinely conducts background checks on all prospective candidates—at no cost to our clients.

Background Checks Benefits

  • Alleviate concerns about using temporary staffing with a comprehensive, complimentary background check policy
  • Protect confidential client and employee information through complete criminal record screening
  • Reduce administrative costs and time commitment with a single-source, fully outsourced background check solution
  • Ensure privacy through fully confidential screening process

Mary Kraft is unique in its commitment to check the background of each prospective employee prior to placing them—at no cost to its clients.


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