Human Resources Consulting & Compliance Support

HR Consulting

As part of our growing array of HR Solutions, Mary Kraft Staffing and HR Solutions can place a seasoned HR Professional within a client’s organization to set up, manage and monitor HR processes like recruitment; benefits administration; regulatory compliance; salary surveys; cost containment; orientation; payroll and more.

Better yet, we can provide these services on the clients’ terms – specifically customized to suit each clients needs. In other words, for a client who already an established HR operation in place, we can assign a highly qualified HR Professional to simply monitor and manage their HR processes as the client desires – one day a week, 2 days a month or flexible hours as needed.

On the other hand, for clients who are building or restructuring their HR departments, we can place the same high-caliber HR professional full time for weeks, months or more to get the system up and running. Once the system is established the client still has the option to contract for full time HR support or a more limited schedule designed to monitor and manage HR processes.

These flexible models of HR support are an economic means of keeping your employees safe, happy and productive while managing the cost of HR support.

HR Compliance

Because of our involvement in government contracting as both a prime contractor and a subcontractor, we are also familiar with the HR compliance and monitoring challenges that are a reality to government contractors.

All HR Consulting Solutions are available on an ala carte basis.

  • HR Audits
  • Compliance
  • Skills assessment
  • Resume screening
  • Retained search
  • Temporary staffing
  • And more

These services can be purchased as a package or as ala carte services to suit your needs.

Many of these services can be handled at your office or in our centralized location in Baltimore.


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