Job Search Training

HR Professionals in the public sector and private sector partner with Mary Kraft to provide training and improve job search outcomes for unemployed workers.

With our churning economy and increasing cost containment restraints driven by most corporations, all but the very largest corporations have done away with the high cost of providing outplacement services to employees whose positions have been eliminated. In addition, local DLLR programs and WIB programs are stretched thin developing jobs for increasing numbers of unemployed workers while struggling to prepare and deliver job search training to individuals who depend on this training to help them identify new employment opportunities and resume their careers.

Favorable statistics for returning individuals to work may be important to future funding as well as personal and professional growth opportunities.

Partner with Mary Kraft Job Search Training as a cost-effective alternative to high-priced Outplacement Firms or as a tried and true first step in the job search process to limit the number of employees referred on to expensive outplacement firms. Mary Kraft Staffing and HR Solutions delivers customized Job Search Training Programs through strategic partnerships with private and public sector clients including Work Force Investment Boards, state and local government contractors and large and small private or publicly held corporations. Our outcomes based reporting supports our contention that individuals who have completed Mary Kraft’s Job Search training programs enjoy a competitive advantage over job candidates who have not received this training. The feedback from our clients also supports our contention that this is a valuable service for overworked HR entities, public and private.

Why Job Search Training by Mary Kraft?

  • Maximize support and service delivery to your staff and displaced workers.
  • Minimize the high cost of Outplacement Services.
  • Inspire unemployed workers to learn and implement new job search techniques designed not to simply put their career back on track – but to put their career on the FAST track to success!
  • Focus on job development and building life long relationships with local employers while Mary Kraft provides job search training to those who will benefit from those jobs and relationships you finally have time to develop!


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