Recruitment Outsourcing

Recruiting and retaining the right people result in operational success

The administrative cost and time commitment to recruit and screen top candidates can be a burden on any organization. In today’s economy, finding the best talent is becoming increasingly difficult as HR managers face retention challenges, budget cuts and escalating recruitment costs. Moreover, the cost of advertising for quality employees online and in local newspapers, and the time involved in sorting through hundreds of candidate resumes can negatively impact the bottom line.

Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions by Mary Kraft—a flexible approach to workplace success

With Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions by Mary Kraft, we partner with you and customize our industry-leading recruiting process to fit your unique staffing needs. Through a winning combination of seasoned HR expertise, proven processes and state-of-the-art technology, we cost-effectively manage your entire recruitment process—from needs assessment and scoping to screening, interviewing, skills testing and reference checks. Additionally, we routinely conduct background checks on all candidates—at no cost to you.

Recruitment Outsourcing Benefits

  • Fulfill all staffing requirements cost effectively with a results-driven, proven screening process
  • Reduce operational costs by offloading all advertising expenses for open positions
  • Increase candidate quality through a rigorous skills assessment and evaluation process
  • Optimize staffing efficiency with years of program planning, needs assessment and implementation expertise

At Mary Kraft, we put our seasoned HR experts to work sorting resumes, conducting interviews, assessing skills and presenting only the most qualified candidates for your open positions.


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