Our healthcare Associates are trained by our HR Specialists to hit the ground running, in some cases even receiving customized training on the client’s proprietary software at no additional cost to the client. Each Associate’s immune status is carefully screened and tracked to ensure patient safety as well as the safety of our Associates. Mary Kraft administrative healthcare professionals are also drug screened, background checked and HIPAA trained and certified to ensure optimal handling of confidential financial and healthcare information.

One challenge for busy healthcare managers is assembling the best “team” to support their healthcare initiatives. Administrators and hiring managers can’t always make time to carefully screen resumes; assess office skills and soft skills; interview candidates; check references and other onboarding procedures in addition to managing their own staff while, at the same time, managing employment costs like workers compensation, unemployment tax increases and the high cost of liability insurance. Having worked in the Healthcare Industry for almost 30 years, Mary Kraft is experienced in staffing a variety of medical professionals ranging from Certified Medical Assistants and Patient Service Coordinators to Physicians and Pharmacy Technicians


Quality Personnel is the lifeblood of any organization.

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