Mary Kraft has been happily serving the Hunt Valley area since relocating in 2015. Since then we have partnered with nearby organizations to provide staffing assistance in several warehouse locations. Ranging from communications driven industries to those of printing and publication, Mary Kraft has staffed positions around the clock. Whether your needs are focused on the morning shift or the overnight, or if it shifts from year to year, our team of HR Specialists maintains a constant network of warehouse and inventory driven Associates for all shifts. Should your need, regardless of shift, be short-term or project based, Mary Kraft can provide seasonal employment solutions no matter what time of the year.

Our warehouse Associates have filled a variety of roles, from picking and packing positions to those that require more advanced equipment or logistical skills. Mary Kraft will screen and process all prospective warehouse employees in accordance to the policy of your organization in addition to our standard procedures. Our HR and Compliance teams are available to have a consultative meeting with your organization to create a staffing and onboarding process that will not only meet the needs of your organization but ensure that any Associate you wish to onboard through our Temp2Hire solution is ready and available to start.


Quality Personnel is the lifeblood of any organization.

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