Convention Staffing

Partnering with Mary Kraft Staffing and HR Solutions is an important part of providing a pleasant, efficient, memorable and educational experience to your guests and your staff.

Meeting the demands of sponsors, exhibitors and attendees by staffing your event with experienced registration and pre-registration representatives; room monitors, lead retrieval assistants; administrative assistants; runners and door monitors improves service delivery to your membership, guests, sponsors and exhibitors and provides on site support to your staff; ensuring the success of your event, increasing the number of repeat attendees and optimizing the opportunity to turn attendees into lifelong members of your organization.

Partner with Mary Kraft and improve both the income and the outcomes of your next annual event!

Annual Conventions/Conferences are valuable branding opportunities for today’s business and non-profit organizations. Staffing makes a difference! Having the right staff in place to make your event successful is more important than ever. Statistics show that most businesses and the decision makers who run them can only choose one conference or convention per year to attend. Your success depends on them choosing your event. Increase your chances of being the conference/convention of choice in the Baltimore/DC corridor by partnering with Baltimore’s Premier Convention Staffing Service, Mary Kraft Staffing and HR Solutions. As an added PLUS – As the employer of record for all Mary Kraft personnel, Mary Kraft pays all mandatory fringes such as FICA, Unemployment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation as well any other fees and taxes associated with employment. Mary Kraft also manages any resulting claims with respect to the staff we provide for your event.

Why Convention Staffing Solutions by Mary Kraft?

  • Maximize support and service delivery to your sponsors, exhibitors, attendees and staff by uses highly seasoned convention staff from Mary Kraft
  • Minimize the high cost of employment, unemployment, workers compensation and liability insurance by partnering with Baltimore’s Premier Staffing Service
  • Create the ultimate convention experience for all attendees by staffing your show with local convention experts trained to provide outstanding services and reliable information about the surrounding area and it’s vast resources for both business and entertainment
  • Focus on growing your event and your organization let a team of seasoned HR professionals manage staffing operations and HR solutions while providing risk management and cost containment for your organization.

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