Project Outsourcing

Managing special projects with flexibility drives cost savings and optimizes efficiency

Meeting staffing requirements for short-term or mission-critical projects can be costly and time consuming for any organization. The strain of additional deadlines can lead to expensive overtime pay and staff burnout. In short, managing all of the tasks associated with a new project can be a painful process for any resource-strapped company.

Project Outsourcing Solutions by Mary Kraft—getting the job done with minimal impact

Project Outsourcing Solutions by Mary Kraft provide a flexible staffing and project management approach that delivers measurable results, including reduced operational costs, lower risk and increased productivity. Through a fully outsourced approach, we assess your staffing needs and manage your projects from implementation to successful completion. At Mary Kraft, we understand that flexibility is the key ingredient to the success of any special project, so we work around your schedule, on site or off, to staff and manage projects of any size at any time of the day or night.

Project Outsourcing Benefits

  • Minimize the organizational impact of special projects through scalable and flexible staffing solutions
  • Lower operational costs by eliminating overtime pay for payroll employees
  • Improve quality and efficiency of all projects with a fully outsourced, proven project management approach
  • Reduce administrative workload by offloading all special project training, communication and troubleshooting

Employers that have the flexibility to adjust their workforce requirements to meet changes in demand have a distinct advantage over those with more rigid HR processes.

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