Temporary Staffing

Flexible staffing and top talent are key to bottom-line improvement

In today’s dynamic economic climate, businesses require flexibility and responsiveness to keep pace with rapidly changing workplace demands. For most organizations, staffing short-term projects or filling in for vacationing employees through traditional hiring processes is cost prohibitive and vastly inefficient. Supplementing current staff with seasonal, cyclical or daily workers requires time and resources that many organizations simply can’t afford to spare.

Temporary Staffing Solutions by Mary Kraft—meeting your needs with quality and flexibility

At Mary Kraft, because we only accept six percent of the applicants we screen we know that we’re providing only the highest qualified personnel to fill short- or long-term temporary office support positions. We present only employees who meet your unique skill and background requirements, saving you the time of going through stacks of resumes and conducting endless interviews. Temporary Staffing Solutions by Mary Kraft deliver the flexibility and quality you need to increase productivity, reduce costs and meet today’s workplace demands.

Temp Staffing Benefits

  • Decrease fixed costs and maximize efficiency through a single-source staffing solution that services a wide range of job functions and industries
  • Drastically reduce the administrative burden associated with finding quality candidates to fill temporary positions
  • Ensure best-fit personnel through an industry-leading screening process and state-of-the-art skills assessment
  • Optimize productivity with a single-source staffing solution that responds to each request within 30 minutes of receipt of order

Through a proven combination of HR expertise, rigorous screening, state-of-the-art skills testing and employee-focused training, we ensure that each employee is the best fit for your organization, culture and skill requirements.

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