Using quality temporary professionals results in bottom-line savings

For many resource-strapped organizations, staffing for certain positions can be time consuming and burdensome, often resulting in poor hiring decisions. Committing to untested job candidates without seeing how they perform in the workplace can be risky, especially when factoring in the time and cost of recruiting, evaluation and benefits processing.

Temp2Hire Staffing Solutions by Mary Kraft—delivering the right people for the right job

Temp2Hire Staffing Solutions by Mary Kraft enable employers to add proven administrative support staff to meet peak or growing demands without the usual risks and costs associated with hiring. Our Temp2Hire Solutions deliver unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to ensure on-the-job success by evaluating employee performance over time before hiring. At Mary Kraft, 80 percent of our temps being asked to stay on full time—a proven track record of success. In short, the people we bring to you have been carefully selected to meet your organizational, cultural and skill requirements.

Temp2Hire Staffing Benefits

  • Maximize hiring success with a provider that achieves an 80 percent temp-to-hire success rate
  • Reduce hiring risks with no employment commitment until after the probationary hiring period
  • Make confident hiring choices with a staffing provider that has years of recruiting and project management experience
  • Ensure best-fit candidates through a rigorous needs assessment, screening and testing process

At Mary Kraft, 80 percent of our temps are asked to stay on full time.

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