Lisa Benson

President & Chief Executive Officer

Paula Kraft

Vice President of Operations

Rebecca Kraft

Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Mark Bridge

Marketing Manager

Daniel Grupp

Compliance Manager

Karrianne Zito-Seese

Staffing Manager

Christine Kauffman

Christine Kauffman

Director of Finance

Ielene Caplan

Ielene Caplan

Payroll Assistant

Courtney Baier

HealthCare HR Specialist

Jennifer Fryer


Kelly Karatzakislis


Elizabeth Shire

Elizabeth Shire

Administrative Specialist

Sean Craft

Payroll Assistant

Katherine Moriarty

Healthcare Staffing Coordinator

Michael Schofield

Compliance Specialist

Lisa Erdman

Managed Services Specialist

Corey Carden

HR Support Specialist

Carolyn Heiger

Commercial Staffing Coordinator


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