Temp Staffing Benefits

  • Decrease fixed costs and maximize efficiency through a single-source staffing solution that services a wide range of job functions and industries
  • Drastically reduce the administrative burden associated with finding quality candidates to fill temporary positions
  • Ensure best-fit personnel through an industry-leading screening process and skills assessments
  • Maximize hiring success with a provider that achieves an 80 percent temp-to-hire success rate
  • Reduce hiring risks with no employment commitment until after the probationary hiring period
  • Make confident hiring choices with a staffing provider that has years of recruiting and project management experience
  • Ensure best-fit candidates through a rigorous needs assessment, screening and testing process tailor fit for your organization

Temporary Staffing

Whether you’re looking to staff a short-term project, fill in for vacationing employees or supplement staff with seasonal workers, Mary Kraft HR offers efficient, cost-effective solutions. We provide only the most qualified personnel, thoroughly screening each applicant through a series of phone and in-person interviews before they are presented as a candidate. We present only employees who meet your unique skill and background requirements, saving you the time of going through stacks of resumes, conducting endless interviews and lengthy screening processes.

If your needs expand to require a more permanent position, our temps are available to transition to direct hire with your organization. In fact, our high-quality screening processes and dedication to relationship building are part of the reason why a stunning 80% of Mary Kraft HR temps are asked to stay on full time.

Contact us to learn more about our Temporary Staffing Services.

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