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About Mary Kraft

Mary Kraft, a Talent Acquisition and Management Firm, was founded in 1989 by Maryland native Mary Kraft. Each year, Mary Kraft enables hundreds of outstanding companies to respond to ever-changing business needs with unparalleled success. Recently, Mary Kraft was the recipient of Inavero's Best of Staffing Award for Talent and Client Satisfaction for the year of 2017. Rated in the top 25 for Professional Search Firms and Temporary Staff Firms by the Baltimore Business Journal, Mary Kraft partners with industry-leading healthcare, financial, commercial, and service industry clients to increase productivity and drive cost savings through cost-effective staffing and outsourced HR options.

Mary Kraft is certified by the State of Maryland MDOT as a MBE, WBE and DBE, and by the City of Baltimore as a WBE.

Learn how more about Mary Kraft and our vision.


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