For many, deciding what position is best suited for you is the final step in the process. And they may be right, but discovering what Career Path is in line with your goals will help you decide how best to find the right role within a company and how to gain new experiences while also correctly showcasing past ones.

Here at Mary Kraft, our team of HR Specialists and Recruiters screen hundreds of applicants daily. We regularly communicate with local hiring authorities and coordinate job placements across a variety of industries and employment levels. From front-office positions to leadership roles, we have seen it all. Our team itself is comprised of individuals from diverse industries and professions, bringing with them their own set of knowledge, experience, and perspective. We are incredibly grateful to have such an amazing team and, more so, one that can assist Baltimore’s workforce.

As part of our Associate Zone program, our team at Mary Kraft will sit down and discuss your potential Career Path, where you see yourself growing, and what industry (or industries) interest you specifically.


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