Direct Hire Staffing Benefits

  • Eliminate recruiting time with an experienced staffing provider across a wide range of industries
  • Reduce hiring risks with our 90-day guarantee
  • Access highly qualified candidates through a robust database of fully vetted, pre-screened personnel
  • Ensure candidate performance through an industry-leading screening process that includes full background and reference checks

Finding the right people to fill higher-level administrative positions can be time consuming and costly. Often, the financial and administrative burden of advertising, recruiting, sifting through resumes and interviewing candidates far exceeds capacity and resources.

Direct Hire Staffing by Mary Kraft provide the best matches for your unique workplace needs at no risk to you. Through a rigorous screening process and applicant skills testing, you will receive the right person for the job every time. Our best-fit candidates have been screened by our HR experts and vetted through interviews, as well as reference and background checks—all at no cost to you. Direct Hire Staffing Solutions by Mary Kraft enable you to drastically reduce the cost and administrative burden of securing top talent.

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