We have already covered common interview questions, proper attire and general interview etiquette – but what happens after you shake hands and leave the interview? Is it over? Is there anything you can do to stay on the employer’s radar after the interview process is completed? Of course there is! Here are some tips on post-interview etiquette:
  • Thank you notes. A lot of job seekers don’t always realize how far a simple thank you note can go. Don’t forget to include everyone that helped you along the way to your interview, not just the person that interviewed you. Thank you notes can be either hand written or short emails.
  • Follow through on paperwork.It is completely normal to leave an interview with more paperwork, whether it be taking a drug test or getting your references in line. Being sure to follow through and complete the paperwork or tasks asked of you is another way to show you are really interested in the position.
  • Reach out to your references.If you were referred to a particular company by someone you know, it’s polite to keep them updated on the progress of your interview process. Keeping them updated may also give them a chance to put in another good word for you before the hiring manager makes a final decision – and if this one doesn’t work out, they will likely keep you in mind for other jobs too!
  • Ask questions. After an interview is over, the employer will typically let you know to follow up with them if you have any questions once you leave their office and really, there is no reason not to follow through with this. Asking questions once the interview is over shows that you are still passionate about and very interested in the job and allows you to insert yourself back onto the employer’s radar.
  • Be available. Being available and easy to get a hold of after the interview process can make a hiring manager feel more confident about selecting you for the position over someone who is harder to get in touch with.


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