Your first interview with a company is crucial. That first interview will provide your potential supervisor with an insight to you as a person as well as a possible employee. While there are thousands of articles out there about how to achieve excellence in your first interview, most expect you to read between the lines on how to not completely fail. This will not be one of those articles. The points listed below will shed some light on how you can turn your first interview into a disaster, and you can choose to read between the lines on how to make it better.


  1. Don’t Talk at All– One way to ensure your first interview is less than ideal is to not say anything at all. Most jobs require you to speak to others on some kind of level, so being unable to answer a simple interview question could be an end before you even begin. Shakes of the head, grunts, and mumbles are also examples of an inability to effectively communicate and should only be used when getting the job isn’t high on your priorities list.
  2. Never Stop Talking– Want to completely exhaust your interviewer? Never stop talking. Entering a room without a single consideration for what your potential employer has to say is one way to lower your chances of being hired. The point of a first interview is to allow both parties to get to know one another to determine if the hire would be a positive addition.
  3. Roll out of Bed– If you don’t care about the interview, then you shouldn’t care about how you look. Taking the time to brush your hair, iron your dress, and look professional is just a waste when you don’t want the job.
  4. Lie about your Past– If you want to try out your acting skills during your first interview, lying is the best way to do so. Why not fib about your previous job experiences, your education, or even simple facts about you? Allowing your potential employer to find out about the real you through background checks and reference calls after the interview is a sure fire way to miss out on a great opportunity.
  5. Speak Ill about Coworkers– Did you dislike your old boss? Were you constantly battling with peers in your previous position (because they were always messing up, not you of course) Airing out your baggage on your first interview and completely bashing your previous employer is one way to discourage anyone from hiring you.
  6. Be Clueless about the Company– What is the point of doing your homework about the company you are interviewing with when you can just ask them questions when you get there? Taking the time to research the company and job position you are interviewing for would only show initiative and enthusiasm, two characteristics that should be avoided when you are trying to bomb your first interview.


So if you are trying to actually succeed during your first interview, the above should probably be avoided at all cost. But if you want to come across as uncaring and indifferent to your career and your future, bombing your first interview is your first step.

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