When early career candidates begin to look for new work opportunities, some will consider looking to a recruiter from a hiring agency to help. Mark, a recruiter with Mary Kraft & Associates since November of 2013, is able to shed some light on the process for new early career candidates.

Q-  What do you look for in an early career candidate?

A-     I tend to look for someone I would want to work with in my own office. We look for a drive and initiative as well as someone who is willing to see the job beyond the job. A strong work ethic is also important.

Q-Where do you tend to look for new early career candidates?

A-     We tend to use a few different resources. We will use popular job boards like CareerBuilder and will reach out to local colleges in the area for new recruits. We also get referrals and will participate in job fairs as well.

Q- Name 3 things that impress you when an early career candidate walks in the door.

A-     As cliché as it may sound, a nice suit or outfit. A well formatted resume is also impressive as well as being a good speaker and listener. While it may be an interview, it is impressive when it can carry as a conversation.

Q- Name 3 things that tend to turn you off from an early career candidate.

A-     An obvious lack of initiative is one. If the candidate lacks investment in the job or company. Also an overall unprofessionalism from the candidate.

Q- Do you have any advice for early career candidates?

A-     Be sure to have a nice outfit for your interview. Conduct some type of research to learn about the company or staffing firm you are interviewing with. It is also important to show initiative in the company and the job position at hand.


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