CareerBuilder recently conducted a survey where they asked more than 2,000 hiring managers and HR professionals about what they associate with candidates when the candidate wears a certain color to a job interview. According to this survey, 23 percent of people surveyed agreed that blue was the best color to wear for an interview. The second best color is black, while the worst color is orange, according to this study.
The study also found that certain colors correlate to a person’s specific qualities. Those colors and their attributes are:
Black – Leadership
Blue – Team Player
Gray – Logical/Analytical
White – Organized
Brown – Dependable
Red – Power
Green, Yellow, Orange or Purple – Creative


So if you are interviewing with a company that is looking for a real “team player”, you could consider wearing blue; or white if they are looking for someone who is very organized. It can’t hurt to keep this information in mind when picking out your next interview outfit!


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