If you ask someone within the work force if they have job satisfaction, what do you think they will say? Job satisfaction is based on the attitude and expectations set by you alone. Reaching this type of satisfaction is ideal to live a happy and healthy life while also performing well at your job. However, for some early career candidates, job satisfaction is at the end of a very long tunnel and they lack the tools to achieve it.

So how can job satisfaction be obtained by early career candidates, or anyone within the workforce?

Job Satisfaction Characteristics

According to an article in Mind Tools, the following characteristics are instrumental in finding full satisfaction within your job:

  • Challenge- Often times, earlier career candidates develop a negative outlook on their job because they don’t feel challenged. While major challenges are sure to come your way once you reach a higher position, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own challenges now. Set goals for yourself to create an exciting challenge. Time yourself when typing to beat your speed records. See how quickly you can achieve small tasks like responding to emails.
  • Balanced Lifestyle- While saying out loud you can’t believe it’s finally Friday can send a negative message; it’s still ok to look forward to your weekends. Placing too much focus on one aspect of your life can cause problems, so be sure to find a balance. Work hard to avoid bringing your projects home with you. Once home, leave your work e-mail alone until the next morning.
  • Variety- When you become bored with a single job or task, being happy at your job can become impossible. Look for variety within your job when you can to help eliminate boredom. Talk to your supervisors to see if you can be trained for new tasks or projects if you become stagnant in your position.
  • Purpose- Find the purpose in your job to help reach job satisfaction. Consider what your place of employment would be like without your position. Even the smallest positions have their significant place within the structure of a business or company.
  • Self-Awareness- Become aware of your weaknesses, strengths, goals, and passions to help catapult you throughout the business world. Knowing these strengths and weaknesses will help you to approach your job productively and allow you to find room for improvement.
  • Attitude- Facing each work day with a positive attitude is one of the most important steps to reaching job satisfaction. Going through life with a poor attitude will make it impossible to find satisfaction in anything. Attitude can go hand in hand with perspective. Choose to view job in a positive light to achieve true job satisfaction. Make the decision to focus on the positive aspects in your role, rather than dwelling on the not so good parts!

Job satisfaction can be difficult for early career candidates, but it’s never impossible. The above tips paired with open communication with your supervisor will help you along the way to job satisfaction.

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