As a current college student, you can’t expect to land your dream job as your summer job. But just because you don’t have that degree yet doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck flipping burgers all summer either (unless of course that’s exactly what you want to do!) Make your summer job work for you by landing a summer internship in the field you hope to one day have a career in!

Not sure what your dream job is yet? Don’t panic! We’ve compiled a list of popular “dream jobs” below and some ideas for the type of internship you should look for this summer to get a jump start on your career!



  • Dentist- While some may dream if being a doctor, others grow up dreaming about being a dentist. With an estimated 23,300 positions available this year, becoming a dentist can be a very fulfilling and promising career. Look for a summer internship as an assistant in any area of the field. Some offices will even take in a shadow, which allows the individual to follow the dentist or dental hygienists around for a day to get a feel for the work.
  • Software Developer- Do you enjoy working with computers? Is math a favorite subject of yours? A software developer could be your dream job! There will be an estimated 139,900 available positions for software developers this year! Look for a summer internship with a web company as an administrative assistance to get your foot in the door.
  • Physical Therapist- Have you ever wanted to help people, but were never fully thrilled with the idea of being a doctor? Consider a career in physical therapy! Look for a summer internship at summer camps that focus around helping patients with physical therapy. You could also look for gyms and clubs that have trainers you can assist as a summer internship.
  • Nurse- Helping people will also be easy by being a nurse! After you find your summer internship as an administrative assistant or internal billing, you can turn your attention to the 500,000 available positions in the field.
  • Info Security Analyst- Have you ever dreamed of catching bad guys? Information security analysts are in high demand and are essential in keeping us safe. Look for a summer internship in data entry or administrative assistant. Working in data entry at a cyber-security company isn’t glamorous, but it’ll give you great exposer to the type of information security analysts’ comb through every day.
  • Chef- Have you always enjoyed cooking and working with food? Search for a summer internship in a privately owned restaurant to learn the business.
  • Author- Summer internships with a publishing company are ideal when hoping to become the next J.K. Rowling. You can also look for internships at local bookstores that host author book signings.
  • Actress- Have you always wanted to see your name in lights? Becoming an actress can be a tough road to take, so look for internships working behind the scenes first to work your way to the spotlight. You could also find an internship as an assistant for production or costumes.


Whether your dreams are crystal clear or still a little foggy, a summer internship is your first step to finding that perfect job!

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