We spend a significant part of our lives at work, so having a great workplace environment is essential to our happiness and professional success. “Your workplace environment is as important as your salary,” says Lisa Benson, president and CEO of Mary Kraft HR. “It is what motivates you to work, and motivated employees are key to a successful business.”

Cultivating a positive company culture defines an organization’s values and goals and establishes a shared ideal among employees. “When people feel united in a common goal, they are more willing to support each other, and they work better together,” says Lisa.

Company culture starts at the top. An organization’s leaders set the tone for how invested their employees will be on the job. Strong leaders inspire confidence by acknowledging each individual’s contributions toward the greater good. They encourage collaboration and create an environment where employees feel comfortable taking risks and are not afraid to make mistakes. Businesses thrive when their leadership supports teamwork, innovation and creativity.

People want to be excited about going to work. Companies can help motivate employees by providing mentoring and training opportunities to show they are willing to help their employees achieve professional success. “This instills a sense of loyalty and added value that results in increased productivity and retention,” explains Lisa.

Monetary rewards often temporarily boost morale, but companies should focus on creating a positive workplace to ensure long-term employee happiness. Happy employees are less stressed and healthier; they miss fewer days of work, and they are more productive and feel more fulfilled by their work. Happy people also make excellent colleagues. They create a work environment that is fun and inspiring. In other words, businesses with a positive workplace environment, reap the benefits and see an immediate return on their investment.

To fill your great workplace with great candidates, contact Mary Kraft HR today at info@marykraft.com, and let us help you in your search. You will have a team on your side helping you find the right candidates for your organization.


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